zigGIS Hotfix Available

Abe announced the availability of hotfix 3 for zigGIS 2.0.5. From the announcement:

Hotfix 3 fixes an issue that prevented point layers from being
editable; it also includes all prior hotfixes. The hotfix is a free
upgrade and is highly recommended for all users. Please go to
http://pub.obtusesoft.com > My Order. After logging in you’ll see a
link to the patch.

Abe is working hard on version 3.0 but obviously is continuing to support 2.x as well. Improvements include a new provider model which will better enable support for other data sources. A roadmap should be available soon.

  • Andrea Giudiceandrea

    Hi Bill,
    I compiled zigGIS from source at http://svn.obtusesoft.com/core/trunk/ by Microsoft Visual Studio Express C# 2008.
    Doing some test with the zigGIS extension I noticed some bad things:

    – zigGIS seems not capable of displaying 3d features in ArcMap 9.3.1 sp1

    – zigGIS seems very very slow handling postgresql/postgis layers with a lot of records:
    a layer in postgresgl/postgis with about 87000 records takes about 3/4 seconds to display in QGIS and about 30 seconds in ArcMap by Data Interoperability Extension, but it takes about 5 minutes to dipsplay in ArcMap by zigGIS extension;
    the same layer stored in a File GeoDatabase take about 3/4 second to display in ArcMap.

    Any suggestions?


  • I have forwarded your comment on to Abe and you should hear from him on Monday. In the future, such inquiries are probably best directed to the zigGIS Google group.